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Irit graduated from Bezalel Graphic Art
Academy in 1971 and went to complete her
teacher's certification at the Israeli Seminary
for Teachers of Art in 1972. She later received
her masters degree in Art Education from the
University of Washington in 1974. Irit's thesis
presented new and original method of fabric
printing utilizing mixed media techniques; the
compositions submitted, combining silk
screen, batik and graphics were both rich
in color and unique in conception.

Irit is best known for her interpretation of the
nude form drawn in charcoal, pastels, acrylics
or sculpted in clay and cast in bronze. Her
sculptures combine the realism of form with an
impressionist view as affected by light and shadow. This amalgamation of
objective truth of form with the subjective interpretation of subject makes each
work unique and refelcts the universitality of her art!

Irit has exhibited her paintings, drawings and sculptures in Israel as well as
many cities abroad such as: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston,
London, Brussels, Antwerp, Geneva, Sydney and more...

- She is married and mother of two daughters.
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